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Do you often feel there is “more to the story” than your evaluation methods are capturing?  Can you say your participatory evaluation strategies truly inspire volunteers and staff to do more good work while producing impact data you can trust?

Ripple Effects Mapping (REM) is a highly interactive, engaging and community-based approach that results in evaluation data about program impacts, powerful stories, and re-energized people.

Ripple Effects Mapping combines appreciative inquiry and mind mapping to capture impacts. It was developed to evaluate intensive community development programs delivered in the Midwest and several northwestern states. Since then, the REM process has been adapted and used in many states and for a wide range of programs.

Through REM Studio, we offer you the opportunity to work with two of the originators of this participatory evaluation method and with other practitioners and innovators. We offer resources, consulting, training, coaching, facilitation and complete Ripple Effects Mapping evaluations.

About Ripple Effects Mapping

Learn more about this qualitative method for engaged evaluation.

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About REM

About REM

Ripple Effects Mapping is useful when program impact is difficult to conceptualize and measure. Use this qualitative method alone or to complement and ground-truth quantitative methods for mid-program (formative) and/or post-program (summative) evaluation.

Combine REM with the Community Capitals Framework to generate insights related to community development. REM is a participatory evaluation approach that produces outcomes for funders, partners, and decision makers.



We are available to consult, train, or conduct Ripple Effects Mapping for your organization. Whether you want an introduction or advanced training, professional or community coaching, or fully supported facilitation and evaluation, we are here to help you learn and adapt this innovative combination of mind mapping and appreciative inquiry.

Clients & Projects

Clients & Projects

We have worked with clients at home in the Pacific Northwest, across the country, and internationally, integrating Ripple Effects Mapping into a variety of economic and community development projects. Our client and project list offers a number of examples that suggest the adaptability of this participatory evaluation approach.

Ripple Effects Mapping Resources

Learn about REM evolution and approaches. Download a step-by-step guide and other support.

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